Wed, March 4, 2015

Naramata, B.C.
Mostly sunny
wind speed: 7 km/h NE

Driving Directions

From Vancouver, B.C, Canada
Seattle & Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A

Travel along #1 Hwy from Vancouver, BC to the junction in Hope, B.C., Canada where three highways meet. From here decide on which route you would like to take to Naramata ( #3 Hwy, #5 Hwy, #1 Hwy). Highway #3 is our preferred route.

From Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Travel #1 Hwy through Banff National Park into the province of British Columbia. Along the way watch for the road signs pointing to Vernon, BC via Hwy#97. Follow Hwy #97 to Penticton, B.C., Canada and then Naramata Road to the community of Naramata..

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Travel Hwy #16 towards Jasper National Park. Just outside of the borders of the park and once you have entered the province of British Columbia take Hwy #5 to Kelowna and continue south to Penticton, BC and then to Naramata.

From Spokane Washington, USA
Travel Hwy #97 from Central Washington State to Canada’s true desert country into the towns of Osoyoos and Oliver. Continue driving north to Penticton B.C., Canada and then to Naramata.

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